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What are Managed IT Services?

More and more organizations are outsourcing all or part of their technology to managed service providers (MSPs) like us. Reducing cost, offloading risk, experiencing turnover and a lack of internal resources are just a few of the reasons driving organizations to search for outside help.

Network Center, Inc. understands that every business has different needs. If you are a small or mid-sized business needing to outsource the entire infrastructure, or an enterprise organization looking to partner on a specific function, we have options for your IT vision. Our FlexCare managed services solution can include:

  • Managed Desktop Services
  • Managed Network and Voice Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • Help Desk Services
  • Complete Outsourced IT

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Benefits of NCI Managing Your IT Services:

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Cost Effective

Outsourcing all or part of your technology means fixed costs that allow you to accurately budget for your IT.

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Increase Productivity

We can help your team be more productive by transitioning the responsibility of maintenance and management of your systems to us and allowing them to refocus on the core of your business.

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Access to High-End Skillsets

Allow our staff to provide the specific skills and expertise that are needed on certain projects and not worry about supporting them as full-time employees. 

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Improved Uptime & Efficiencies

With proactive monitoring of your environment, our experienced staff will keep your systems up and operating. Our service-level agreements and response times are in place to make sure you are never without answers.

What's Included with FlexCare Managed Services?

A FlexCare managed services solution covers all aspects of your IT service needs, no matter the size of your company or current IT team. 

A typical FlexCare managed service agreement includes:

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Proactive Monitoring

Our team takes a proactive approach to monitoring your critical systems to better understand how they are performing and identify possible areas of risk.

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Proactive Maintenance

We have the most efficient and effective tools in place to stay on top of your system maintenance to prevent security issues. 

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Detailed Reporting

Real-time, scheduled reports to our customers ensure they are aware of the status of their systems and getting the value of their IT investment.

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24/7 Help Desk

NCI has experienced and certified technicians available to help your team with support requirements and answer questions, 24/7.

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Email Alerts

Our automated systems will notify you on the status of key equipment within your environment, allowing you to take action immediately.

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Strategic Consulting Meetings

Regular scheduled meetings with our strategic consultants help you develop and stay on track for your IT goals, ensure business requirements are being met, and provide maximum value for your technology spend.

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License Management

Expired licenses for products and software can be a serious risk to your environment. Our system and resources are in place to make sure you are up-do-date on all licenses and notifications of expirations are delivered timely.

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Access to Security Tools

We provide you access to the security tools to keep your environment fully protected. From firewalls to threat detection to end-user training, we have you covered.

Choose the best plan for your business

We offer multiple levels of support to fit the needs of your organization, each one customizable to your exact needs. No long-term commitments. Ever.

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Fully Outsourced

A complete outsourcing model is ideal for organizations that do not have an existing IT team or looking at switching providers. Fully outsourced options can include infrastructure, network, support, security and voice solutions.

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Partially Outsourced

For organizations who have an existing IT team on staff, outsourcing some IT work can enable them to better focus on business goals. This plan allows us to take on certain functions and responsibilities or fill in gaps with specific skills.

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Staff Augmentation

Sometimes organizations need an extra hand or set of skills for certain projects. Our technology experts can help with any aspects of your IT or day-to-day operations.