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We understand the high expectations and unique challenges for educational institutions. Tight funding cycles, stringent security requirements and having a wide variety of end users from faculty to students can cause challenges in how to navigate your technology.

Network Center, Inc. works with numerous educational institutions ranging from universities to small, rural schools providing them with the IT services and support they need. We offer services from strategic planning with school boards to implementing wireless solutions across facilities.

With many years of experience supporting these environments, we have found the key to success is having our highly-skilled, technical expertise blended with our industry knowledge in order to consult and deliver the IT services needed for the education system.


How We Help Those in Education With:

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Collaboration Solutions

Communication is vital for your employees. We want to ensure your team has real-time communication for cross-team collaboration.

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Staying in Budget

Our team searches out the right hardware deals for you that keep your facility up and running but still in budget.

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Technology Service Plans

For schools that can't justify or find full-time IT resources, our service plans guarantee access to those resources from our team whenever needed.

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Wireless Solutions

We design, implement and support industry leading wireless solutions for schools of all sizes and locations.

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Network Infrastructure

Our technology plans ensure your infrastructure and data projects are meeting your institution's goals.

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We offer RTLS (real time location services) solutions for faculty and teacher safety. By providing immediate location data, your administration can be prepared should an emergency arise.