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Cloud Solutions

Cloud is a powerful tool, both agile and effective when used efficiently. Businesses often look for the path of least resistance and can be eager to adopt new technologies in the interest of gaining an edge. But is it always the best answer?

Over 90% of businesses are using cloud solutions in one aspect or another. As more software manufacturers are providing cloud-based applications, the need for onsite hardware isn’t as prevalent. Cloud hosting services have begun to replace traditional server environments and with that, has come with an influx of demands for cloud services. 

With a team of Microsoft Azure and AWS (Amazon Web Services) certified solution architects, we can explore what cloud options are available to you and help you gain an understanding of the power of cloud for business today.



Benefits of NCI Cloud Solutions:

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Scalable resources allow your cloud environment to size with your business needs.

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Available anywhere, cloud provides remote infrastructure for businesses with a large geographic footprint.

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Cost Effective

Monthly hosting fees provide a low, up-front cost giving you a budget-friendly solution.

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With 99.9% up time, cloud infrastructure provides secure and reliable resources.

NCI Cloud Solution Offerings

Let us put that practical, real-world experience to work by helping you navigate the power of evolving cloud solutions.

Some of our cloud solutions include:

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Cloud Consulting

With our experienced team, we will help you plan for or transition your business to the cloud.

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Online Collaboration Tools

Office 365 for hosted email and full Microsoft suite of online collaboration tools.

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Hosting Options

Our hosting options provide the right environment for any need. Whether it's Azure or Amazon Web Services, we'll choose the right one for you. 

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Backup & Data Recovery

Backup and data recovery services enable you to to store and spin up backups on the cloud.

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Public, Private and Hybrid Solutions

We offer multiple cloud solutions, depending on your needs. Whether it's a single app or your entire production environment, we can handle any size project. 

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Cloud Migration

Migrating your systems to the cloud will allow your IT staff to spend less time on maintenance, freeing them up to focus on other projects and initiatives and most importantly your end users.