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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) analyzes past and present data to drive current business needs. It is used to run current business operations and eases operations of current business workflows. It applies to all sizes of companies to run current operations. Business intelligence leverages software and services to transform data into actionable intelligence that informs an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. It is what enables an organization to collect, analyze and present analysis of data.

BI uses more structured data from traditional enterprise platforms, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or financial software systems, and it delivers views into past financial transactions or other past actions in areas such as operations and the supply chain.

BI’s value to organizations is derived from its ability to provide visibility. BI tools have evolved to become more intuitive and user-friendly allowing non-technical business people to use BI tools to produce reports and get much of the information they need without involving data professionals in day-to-day usage.

Business Analytics analyzes past data to drive current business and is used to change business operations and improve productivity for ease of operations for future business workflows. Business Analytics can be applied to both unstructured and semi-structured data by transforming them into some meaningful data before analyzing it to get insights from that data.  It applies to companies where future growth and productivity is a goal. Business Analytics uses past data to extract insights and run the business operations that drive the customer needs and increase productivity.

Benefits of Business Intelligence & Analytics:

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Actionable Data

Data insight that is direct and provides organizations with enough data to draw well-informed conclusions and make decisions.

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Scalable & Secure

Whether you have 5 or 10,000 users needing access to your data, BI and BA can securely scale to your specific business needs.

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Quick Time-to-Market

IT resources are in demand, so a quick time-to-market drives increases ROI to your organization and a reduced implementation timeline allows for quicker access to your data.

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Improved Decision-Making Process

Regardless of your business or industry, you have a lot of data, and your data volume is growing quickly.  Harness the power of your data using business intelligence and data analytics.

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Integrates Seamlessly with Existing Applications

No impact to existing applications, systems or processes. A very light lift for your technology staff.

What's the value proposition of BI & Analytics?

Not every organization is using it, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be.

Here's why you should be looking at how your data can help you:

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Direct Access to Enterprise-Wide Information

No need to pay for expensive customized report programming from your application vendor. Access your own data and reports quickly and when you want to.

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Realize the Value of Real-Time Analysis

A balance of simplicity and performance allows key business metrics to be monitored and analyzed in real-time allowing executives to make proactive decisions rather than reactive decisions.

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Stream Analytics in Real-Time

No more waiting for information. Create real-time dashboards to monitor your most prized asset, your company’s data.

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Identify New Business Opportunities

Transform and analyze your data to improve productivity, reengineer processes and find future growth opportunities.

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Collate Data from Multiple Sources

One of the biggest challenges for companies is to pull data from multiple sources and create a structured view into those data sources. Our business intelligence and business analytics tools help you do just that.

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Better Utilization of Resources

Your staff can jump in and start analyzing data themselves rather than waiting for IT to run complex reports. Automated optimization ensures high performance and allows you to instantly ingest and transform data into analytic visualization.

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Rich, Personalized Dashboards

Provide a unified user experience with personalized dashboards and reports that meet your specific business needs.

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Secure Report Publishing

Setup automatic data refreshes. Securely publish dashboards and reports, allowing all your users to access up-to-date information.