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Advisory & Consulting Services 

Closing the gap between business needs and technology capabilities can be a huge challenge for many businesses. Advancements in how business gets done and how companies work both internally and with their customers is shifting and evolving quicker than before.

Getting the most value from your technology investment oftentimes requires specialized skills and resources. Our trained team of experts can help bridge the gap between your organization's objectives and goals, and find ways to harness technology to achieve those goals. 

NCI has built a team of experts to help our clients get the most from their IT investments. Technology can be used to establish more consistent connections with customers and revenue producing facets of your business plan, but also find ways to reduce overhead and internal costs by driving efficiencies within your organization. 

Benefits of Using NCI Consulting Services:

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Well-Rounded Expertise

We have experience with a variety of industries and company sizes. We can bring ideas and past successes to your organization.

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Our experienced team operates at high efficiency so your team can stay productive. We tackle the tasks at hand so you can reduce administrative overhead.

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Objective Assessments

As an outside partner, we can see things as they are and provide you with accurate feedback to improve your business functions.

Advisory & Consulting services we offer:

You've identified that you need help from outside your organization.
Here are the ways we can provide you services you may not have available.

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vCIO & Consulting Services

Our CIO consulting helps organizations maximize their technology spend and drive technology initiatives. Our staff of senior consultants have experience with budgeting, staffing decisions, technology assessments, process improvements, and more.

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Business Analysis

Defining proper business and project requirements is critical to the outcome of any technology initiative. We are constantly developing business analytical skills within our team to ensure that your business initiatives are properly defined before initiating technology projects.

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Project Management

Time and budget are critical for completing technology initiatives effectively. Our staff of senior and enterprise project managers help drive your technology initiatives forward and keep projects in scope.

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ITIL Process Improvement

We believe process and frameworks are vital to every business. Our certified ITIL team will help you identify, define and implement best practices to get the most out of your people and investments.