About Us

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Who We Are

Network Center, Inc. (NCI) provides cutting-edge technology solutions that can help propel your organization while preparing you for the future. Transform your organization with an experienced IT solution provider that has been focused on technology and networking since inception in 1986. Serving 12 states and over 600 customers, NCI is one of the largest IT solution providers in the Midwest. We specialize in industry specific technology solutions, service, support, and expertise for small to enterprise businesses.

Make your organization more efficient and better equipped for today's competitive environment by working with industry leading products installed by our experienced and certified technicians. Our design engineers can tie together all your vital business functions, from accounting and operations to customer service and sales. With instant access to each other, and to all the information they need to do their jobs; your employees can be more productive in less time than ever.

Company Profile

100% Employee Owned

NCI enhanced its culture in 2015 by becoming a 100% employee-owned company. NCI implemented an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) that allows our employees to share in the company’s growth and success.

NCI has built its reputation by providing value-added technology services and superior IT expertise. NCI's President, Ben Carlsrud stated, “The establishment of the ESOP encourages employees to strengthen this reputation by rewarding them with the benefits of ownership that come from a successful business.”

With an ESOP, NCI employees acquire ownership in the form of stock in the company. The employees earn stock based on the company's performance. The ESOP structure improves employee benefits and financial flexibility as well as creates an added employee incentive for company growth.

Core Values

Commitment to Employees: 
We make an investment in our employees to enable them to attain a deeper understanding of our products and stay up to date with new and evolving technologies on a broader scale. We strive to celebrate individuals, teamwork, and their great achievements within the business. Our employees are at the core of our culture and we believe that if we have happy employees, then our customers will be happy too.

Dedication to Customer Success:
It’s all about understanding what the products are, what the customer needs, and coming up with a viable solution to successfully fulfill that need. When our certified technicians find that perfect solution, we take pride in doing whatever it takes to ensure it is up and running.

Responsible Innovation:
We focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness of our customers' business processes through the implementation of well thought-out IT solutions. The entire company is also open to new ideas. If someone has a concept that’s either going to help us do our jobs better, or help our customers’ businesses function more efficiently, the company is 100% supportive of those ideas.

Fargo Office - NCI Headquarters

Mission Statement 

To deliver proactive technology solutions and support that ensure our customers achieve the highest level of business success.